I dont understand why games degrading...

User Rating: 3 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
I start with bad side (i dont even know what good in this game, except graphics)
1. Invisible walls - I thought this is open world, but i was mistaken...
2. Dialogues - have no options. I dont understand why they give me choose wath to say if its only 1 answer
3. Fight system- slash, slash slash... Boring
4. Bow- soo easy, you dont even need to aim above target if hes far, just shoot at him straight.
5. Envirement- emty, there nothing what to do in forests.
6. Skills,crafts- everything in yours menu, no need masters, teachers. Even if you want to frie a meat , no camp fire is needed.
7. Wolfs -magic wolfs, i runned from them ( bored to fight) and near city they just vanished...I gues its with all monsters...
8. The final blow to me was that i cant hit civilians, oh you can through them...
9. Map- so not cool,shows where to go, who haves the quests, there to complete them (like wow questhelper)
10. And final -bad Optimization

Now pluses
1. graphics not bad
2. Good game if you dont like to fink, or have some challenge.

if you like play L2, or wow is the same, just not online :|
P.S. Sorry for bad langue, I didint had English lessons in school.