A 2D fighting work of art.

User Rating: 10 | Arcana Heart 3 PS3
Arcana Heart 3 is hands down my favorite fighting game to date. The characters are all awesome, the gameplay is really fun, the music is pretty good, and the artwork is beautiful. The homing dash makes it possible to pull off insane combos and makes it so you can chase people into the air when you knock them upwards and also give close range characters a chance against range whores.

The 23 all female character selection provides a wide range of different fighting types from speedy aerial fighters to hard hitting close range powerhouses. Along with the girls are their 23 Arcanas which provide different stat boosts and ability's. Any character can use the other girls Arcana meaning there are 529 different character combination's. When you select your character you have the option to play in normal mode or simple mode where, if its anything like Blazblue's beginner mode (im not sure as i use normal mode), allows players to pull off special moves using a singe button. In my opinion this mode is rather useless as it makes learning new combo's nearly impossible because it limits the amount of moves you can preform to only special moves and a few regular aerial attacks.

All in all i highly recommend Arcana Heart 3 to anyone who enjoys fighting games, it will be worth every cent.