one great turn based rpg.

User Rating: 8 | Arc: Twilight of the Spirits PS2
please do note that this is a 2007 review for a game that's been 5 years old. Arc the lad Twilight of the Spirits tells the tale of 2 half brothers, split not by just race but by ideologies as well. it would be safe to say that with this first iteration of the Arc series into the playstation 2 is quite good. the story itself is done through various chapters as you play one brother then switch through another after you have passed a key 'choke point' i.e. boss or a dozen enemies that you need to defeat. theres quite a number of characters, and it will be hard to equally level them up as you progress through the game as there is a possibility that you may play favourites and forget other level grinding them all equally can be quite a chore.

there is item hunting here, but it can be quite difficult as money is hard to come by. the sidequests here are a few but good. most notably the arena, a pet monster who helps you in battle and an uber powerful warship that can give you support from the air..(which in my opinion is truely a great help as i played the game.)

just beforewarned that there is NO bonus boss in this game, and should your favourite party's level be on or above the enemies when you battle them you shouldn't have a hard time. but do remember that as an old game this can be hard to recommend these days as a lot of gamers may far be interested with the better looking games these days.