This is one of those RPGs that stand out from the RPG universe. With Fire Emblem-like gameplay, it is well worth it!!

User Rating: 9.1 | Arc: Twilight of the Spirits PS2
Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits is one of those RPGs that really stand out. You can play as 2 different parties alternating during the course of the game, which adds to the innovating touch and helps make the game longer.

Gameplay: This turn-based battle system is very similar to Fire Emblem. Even though there are a lot of differences. You control each character on the battlefield to a certain range and reach the enemy to defeat it. There are a good number of special skills, magic, and items. The battle system is rather slow and fights can last a little while. But it adds to it's time. Plus there is a number of sidequests to do such as the arenas and such.

Graphics: just as nice as any other RPG on the PS2. They aren't ground-breaking. But they work just fine.

Sound: Some of the music is great, while the rest is kinda boring. The character voices are pretty good, though

Reply Value: It does have replay value, plus there are a number of arenas to where you can win a lot of stuff and even a few secret characters.

Bottom line: This game is at $10-20 by now. It is well worth the buy. So get off your lazy butt and go buy it. I was just joking about the getting off your lazy butt thing, but you should get this game if you love RPGs!