User Rating: 7.9 | Arc: Twilight of the Spirits PS2
The Gaming Child's review, A decently good RPG to help you pass the time away. I have long awaited another RPG from the brilliant makers of the game "Legends of Dragoon" and I can safely say that this game is everything that I had hoped for it to turn out to be. The game will take up an average of around 50 hours of game play, guaranteed to be a good gaming experience to those who are awaiting some of the hit title RPG names that are coming out (FFXI, FFX-2, Xenosaga 2, ext.) The game play is fairly basic, nothing too creative but nothing to amazing boring. The creators could have spent more time developing some original game play techniques; for example the combo system in "Legends of Dragoon". But that’s about all there is to complain about. The story is catching, not too many drastic plot turns but it'll keep you hooked through the 50 hours. All and all its pretty much the best RPG on market for its time, so I suggest buying it rather than renting it, and letting it fill your gaming appetite while we await the main course.