Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by JL Lee & Robbie 18K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova 503K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by Syonyx 540K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by bootsams 98K
In-Depth FAQs Danger Dome FAQ by A.Nelson 28K
In-Depth FAQs Disc 2 Walkthrough by Bandit. 45K
In-Depth FAQs Game Script by Rika 38K
In-Depth FAQs Item FAQ by A.Nelson 59K
In-Depth FAQs Job FAQ by Shotgunnova 272K
In-Depth FAQs Monster Card List by im superior 38K
In-Depth FAQs Monster Steal/Drop Guide by DeeBlackthorne 18K
In-Depth FAQs Shop List by Shotgunnova 25K
Maps and Charts Academy Building Map by Shotgunnova 10K
Maps and Charts Academy HQ Map by Shotgunnova 33K
Maps and Charts Flying Castle Map by Shotgunnova 33K
Maps and Charts Kutao Temple Map by Shotgunnova 41K
Maps and Charts Sealed Ruins Map by Shotgunnova 13K
Maps and Charts Trial Cave Map by Shotgunnova 11K