Aquanox Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Mode

    First, you must right-click on the Aquanox desktop icon and go to properties option. Inside the target field press the space bar once and then type Redrum Stendek.

    Now just click the usual ''apply'' and ''ok''. Now Start the game. Now, you can press any one of the following keys during the game to activate a cheat.

    [F7]-- Toggle invincibility
    [F8]-- Toggle invisibility
    [F10]- Auto mission complete
    [F11]- Manual mission complete
    [F12]- Fail mission

    Contributed by: DarkKnight114 

  2. Start with lots of Credits

    Find the file Player_Start located in the directory AquanoxDat

    Find a line that says:

    Credits = 240

    Change ''240'' to any number you like. Up to 9999999 (that's 9, 999, 999) will work.

    Contributed by: Hammerite Heretic 

  3. Start playing as any ship

    Find the file Player_Start located in the directory AquanoxDat

    Find a line that says:

    Ship = 1

    Change the 1 for any of the numbers below to start with the corresponding ships:

    2 for Drowsy Maggie
    for Avenger
    for Tiburon
    for Skipjack
    for Vortex
    for Succabus 2
    for Voodoo Breath
    for Phobo Caster

    Contributed by: Hammerite Heretic 

  4. Start with any weapon and equipments

    Look for file player_start.des in aquanox/dat/sav

    Look for line in the file as follows:


    Now just add between the brackets (without quotes) ''key0=6'' and a line below that, add ''count0=1''

    to add 1 Plasma Gatling to your inventory. Basically key and a number (from 0-99) refers to inventory slot to start with, the number after the equal sign denotes certain items (6 for plasma gatling, 12 for scalar howlitzer) If you notice in the same file under the line


    Its basically telling the game to give you (equipped on your ship) 1 vendetta 1, 2 stanley, 2 buzzers, and 1 small block. So if you play around with the setting, you can get your ship to start with scalar howlitzer, big bang 2, fusion block, and a bunch of buzzers. Here is a list of what the numbers represent (in my best guess)

    Remember, [InventoryItemPlayer] is to put it in your inventory, and [InventoryItemEquipped] is to put it on your ship! and match the keyx to countx where x is the number of slot (0-99) or else game will crash when you start a new game!

    Happy hunting!

    Effect Effect
    23 Buzzer
    24-27 Generators, 24 being small block, 27 being fusion block
    32 and on not sure, I think it would be silators and boosters...
    1-12 primary weapons (1 being vendetta 1, 12 being scalar howlitzer)
    28-31 repair kits, 28 being small repair kit, 31 being nano repair kit 2
    13-22 torpedoes (1 being stanley, 22 being big bang 2)

    Contributed by: rahimiiii 

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