APOX Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Award for winning 10 games in a row 10 Wins Streak
    Player wins a large FFA game 16+ player FFA Winner
    1v1 clan tournament winner 1v1 Clan Tournament Winner
    1v1 tournament winner 1v1 Tournament Winner
    2v2 clan tournament winner 2v2 Clan Tournament Winner
    2v2 tournament winner 2v2 Tournament Winner
    3v3 clan tournament winner 3v3 Clan Tournament Winner
    3v3 tournament winner 3v3 Tournament Winner
    4v4 clan tournament winner 4v4 Clan Tournament Winner
    4v4 tournament winner 4v4 Tournament Winner
    Anti-tank level 3 Anti-Tank Level 3
    Artillery truck level 3 Artillery Truck Level 3
    Player gets top score in a game with many players (and doesn't win any other award for the game) Big Game Leader
    Player plays a game against many bots (CPU players) and still wins Bot Basher
    Clan tournament winner Clan Tournament Winner
    FFA is short for free-for-all. FFA is a game mode where there are three or more teams (normal games have exactly two teams) FFA Tournament Winner
    Flame car level 3 Flame Car Level 3
    Flamer level 3 Flamer Level 3
    Winning game without losing a unit Flawless Victory
    Player is in the Hall Of Fame Hall Of Fame
    Heavy machine gun level 3 Heavy Machine Gun Level 3
    Player defeats another player very, very quickly Immaculate Rush
    Player is losing really badly but somehow wins Incredible Comeback
    Knife weapon level 3 Knife Weapon Level 3
    Award for reaching the top ten in the leaderboard Leaderboard Top 10
    Award for reaching the top 100 in the leaderboard Leaderboard Top 100
    Award for reaching the top 1000 in the leaderboard Leaderboard Top 1000
    Machine gun car level 3 Machine Gun Car Level 3
    Veteran player gets this for playing games with newcomers Mentor Award
    Mortar level 3 Mortar Level 3
    Veteran player protects a noob from a rush Noob Protector
    Player of the month Player Of The Month
    Player of the week Player Of The Week
    Player of the year Player Of The Year
    Rampage Rampage
    Player gets an award for telling his friend about the game Recruiter Award
    Rifle level 3 Rifle Level 3
    Rpg level 3 RPG Level 3
    Sniper level 3 Sniper Level 3
    Successfully built a Super Gun Super Gun Built
    Player wins a game with the Super Gun. The player must destroy 3+ bases, supply the metal and fire the Super Gun too Super Gun Massacre
    Successfully built a Super Launcher Super Launcher Built
    Successfully built a Super Tank Super Tank Built
    Tank truck level 3 Tank Truck Level 3
    FFA team means that there are three or more teams, and each team has more than one player in it. (in normal FFA games, each team has one player) Team FFA Tournament Winner
    Winner of tournament not listed above Tournament Winner
    Award for player getting a lot of ranking very quickly Up And Comer #1

    Contributed by: Guard Master