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What is this?

These APIs provide full access to our structured-wiki content data in XML and JSON formats. It does not provide data specific to our userbase. You must sign up for a unique api key for each site individually.

Terms of Use

  1. Non-commercial use only

    You can make some great things with our API, but unfortunately money isn't one of them. The API is strictly for non-commercial use only. Commercial use will result in your API key being revoked.

  2. You must identify yourself

    When making a request you must provide a unique user agent that describes you. Default user agents like "PythonLib", "Java", "curl" etc. will be blocked.

  3. Don't build a competing product

    We'll take care of being an editable structured data resource. Concentrate on using the data in a unique way.

  4. Give credit where credit is due

    On any page you use our data, please link back to us. It's the least you can do to contribute.

  5. Don't redistribute in another form

    Do not edit, manipulate or reproduce on any other medium. Do not use our brand name to promote your work. If you want to use our name, email us.

  6. We can refuse access at anytime

    It's a free resource, don't abuse the years of work of thousands of contributors.