Ape Escape 3 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Saru Cinema Studio (JP version)

    Watch 8 or more saru movies that you got in the Saru Cinema.
    Saru Cinema Studio will replace the "X" slot on the Saru Cinema main menu.
    This mode lets you edit the existing saru movies or create your own.

    Contributed by: kishinmask 

  2. Changing the title screen animation (JP version)

    Whenever you lose a life, game over or captured by a monkey whom stole your net, return to the title screen, and you will find the animation which is normally Satoru and Sayaka chasing the monkey with the net and Stun Club, change role to the opposite side, the Monkeys will chase Satoru and Sayaka using their equipments and their default items. Whether this will work in the US version is curently unknown.

    Contributed by: CielShadow 

  3. Mesal Gear Solid Change Background

    At the Mesal Gear Solid title screen press L1 or L2 to change backround.

    Contributed by: Vinmast0 

  4. Survival Mode Completion Bonus

    Upon completing "Survival Mode," the word "Master" will appear below 'Ape Escape 3' on the title screen.

    Contributed by: Morpheus98 

  5. All unlockable mini-games (JP version)

    There are 3 mini-games in this game. Here is how to unlock them:-

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Buy this in Hobby Shop for 1500 credits Ape Olympic
    Beat the game once and buy this in Hobby Shop for 573 credits Mesal Gear Solid
    Buy this in Hobby Shop for 1500 credits Sarutimate Fighting

    Contributed by: shin8 

  6. Mesal Gear Solid and Sarutimate Fighting unlockables (JP version)

    Everytime you finish any of this two minigames, you'll be rewarded with 1,000 gaccha chips (money). Here's the Mesal Gear Solid unlockables:
    * To get the a monkey tag, shoot a monkey with the banana pistol then do a combo attack on him.
    * All hostages are hidden. Use a Suika bomb (Watermelon bomb) near the cracked part of a wall.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Rescue all 20 hostages. Croc cap and infinite items
    Finish Mesal Gear Solid once. Hard Mode
    Collect all 30 monkey tags. Secret password "futarinosune-ku"

    Contributed by: kishinmask 

  7. Secret Passwords (US Version)

    Press L1+R1+L2+R2 at the title screen menu to enter the Secret Password screen.

    Effect Effect
    blackout Dark Master is on the loose!
    2 snakes (must beat the game first to use) Movie 28 and 2 Cinema Files with Mesaru Gear Cast
    2nd man Shimmy is on the loose!
    coolblue Unlocks blue pipotron
    krops Unlocks monkey that's impersinating spike from AE1
    redmon Unlocks red pipotron
    grobyc Unlocks SAL-1000 monkey
    SAL3000 Unlocks SAL-3000 monkey
    yellowy Unlocks yellow pipotron

    Contributed by: Ryusui, SenakuJin, UserShadow7989 

  8. Passwords (jp version)

    Press L1+L2+R1+R2+START to enter password screen. All passwords musst be enter in hiragana

    Effect Effect
    rusarukeka Gageru Ape
    kuroihoumonsha Kuro Sennin Ape
    yumenokyouen Mesaru Gear Solid
    futarinosune-ku Movie 28 and 2 Cinema Files with Mesaru Gear Cast
    pipotoronagein mystery movie 29 (pipotron hidden movie)
    kurankushinsaku mystery movie 30 (ratchet and clank 4 PV)
    futarimenootoko Pigaru Ape
    rusagu-boisa SAL-1000 Ape
    sabaibaru Survival Mode
    aoiku-rugai unlock pipotron blue
    nazonoakaiaitsu unlock pipotron red
    himitsunokiiroiyatsu unlock pipotron yellow
    ginganoraihousha unlocks Ratchet monkey

    Contributed by: ParaParaKing, lugia46, StarchChasm 

  9. Secret Passwords (Chinese Version)

    Press L1+R1+L2+R2 at the title screen menu to enter the Secret Password screen.

    Effect Effect
    47411515 Gives the player 9999 Gotcha Coins
    89770823 Unlocks all 7 Morphs
    48690278 Unlocks all 8 Gadgets
    50462522 Unlocks Ape Ratchet
    33483264 Unlocks Dark Master
    04077472 Unlocks Mesal Gear Solid
    87797030 Unlocks movie tape 28, "The Two Snakes" and Simian Cinema files "At Fort Alaska" + "Sons of Liberty"
    99876650 Unlocks movie tape 29 "Mystery Movie"
    64061629 Unlocks movie tape 30, "Special Movie!"
    23509391 Unlocks Pipotron Blue
    83005415 Unlocks Pipotron Red
    11228368 Unlocks Pipotron Yellow
    00798001 Unlocks SAL-1000 Ape
    34076466 Unlocks Shimmy
    37459551 Unlocks Spork
    72396504 Unlocks Super Monkey Throw Stadium
    67686697 Unlocks Survival Mode
    56014704 Unlocks Ultim-ape Fighter!

    Contributed by: MGMoaks, leowong1 

  10. Unlockable Mini-games(US version)

    Here are the avaliable Mini-games for the US evrsion of Ape Escape 3 and how to unlock them.

    Note, that the 1st 2 mini-games cost 1500 gotcha coins, while Mesal Gear Solid costs 573 Gotcha coins.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Specter once Mesal Gear Solid
    Achieve 25% or 50% completion Monkey Throw Stadium
    Achieve 75% completion Ultim-ape fighter

    Contributed by: ChaoticTH 

  11. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Buy after catching Specter for 573 credits Mesaru Gear
    Capture all apes and catch Specter a second time Survival Mode

    Contributed by: ParaParaKing 

  12. How to Unlock Monkey Studio(US version)

    To do this, you will need movie files, to get them, make sure you have the monkeys on yellow light or lower, and don't catch any of the monkeys in the area of the camera.

    Then, step on the footpad behind the camera and press X, after 5 seconds, press X again to recieve the movie file

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get all 20 video files Monkey Movie Studio

    Contributed by: ChaoticTH 

  13. New title screen (JP version)

    A "tatsujin" (expert) hiragana will appear below the "Sarugecchu 3" main title.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish survival mode. Sarugecchu 3 Tatsujin Title

    Contributed by: kishinmask 

  14. How to unlock Bonus Morph...

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Specter(finish the game) Super Monkey Morph

    Contributed by: Kalo 

  15. Hidden monkeys (U.K. version)

    On the title screen, hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 then (without letting go) press start. this will bring up the password screen.

    Effect Effect
    blueman Unlocks the BLUE PIPOTRON monkey
    RATCH Unlocks the RATCH monkey
    2nd man Unlocks the RED PIPOTRON monkey

    Contributed by: Nintymaster123 

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