Great, simple fun for everybody.

User Rating: 9 | Anticipation NES
This is the type of game that everybody can easily enjoy. It is very simple in that you simply have to guess what is being drawn on the screen. You are given a clue as to what the picture is going to be (i.e. office supply) and you simply buzz in and spell it out before whoever you are vsing does.
This game is fun to play alone but I recommend playing with others if given the opportunity to increase the fun. You do have the option to compete against the computers but they are never wrong and the difficulty just decides how long it takes for them to get it. I suggest inviting anybody willing to spend some time with you over to play this game.
You don't need to be a certain type of gamer, or even a gamer at all to appreciate the simple fun in this family classic. The dozens of categories and thousands of pictures makes this game very replayable and worth your money to buy if given the chance.