Antichamber ultimately feels like a low budget indie game. But its limited scope is more than made up excellent gameplay

User Rating: 9 | Antichamber PC
If you enjoyed portal, you'll probably enjoy antichamber. It's puzzles are not always straightforward, and are based as much on perception and curiosity than sheer memorization. Progressing through the game was very rewarding. What keeps it from earning a perfect score, in my opinion, is a lack of replay-ability (a common feature that plagues many puzzle-oriented games) The initial 2-10 hour playthrough can be a wondrous experience of exploration or dogged frustration. As you find and collect upgrades to your block gun, your capabilities increase, offering new and innovative ways to get to your goals. But as cliche as it sounds, Antichamber is a game of the journey, not the destination. Players who try to race to the end may find that they've missed out, or missed the point.

Future content could easily add more puzzles and expand on this concept. I'd also highly recommend watching a friend go through their first playthrough!