It gets boring very fast.

User Rating: 5 | Antichamber PC
First there are no puzzles or whatsoever, it doesn't ask you to think much which was THE reason of playing this puzzle game right?
I think I've reached 80% of the game after one hour and got bored to death, I don't even know if I'm going to play it again.

I think they tried to create this game for all age groups which was a mistake, teens and adults can play it, but even kids could make it very far the same day, and it killed it.

It should have been harder than that and more diversified, yes the quotes are nice and everything but I could careless about it, the gameplay is the most important part.

I gave it 5/10 because it's original and I had a blast when I started playing it but after about 45 minutes I realised it wasn't going anywhere, just the same old same and I'm not talking about going back to where I was, I'm talking about the levels, they all seem similar not graphically but the way you make it through.