AntiChamber is a Mind-Bending Puzzle Game: Must Play

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Hello everyone, I'm here to tell you if you havent heard about AntiChamber well now is you time to check it out. This game destroys any gamers perspective of how to go about playing a game and presents you with puzzles that follow non-euclidean based themes such as infinite loop stair cases like the works of MC Escher, or perception based puzzles in which depending on the way you look at a puzzle, the solution might change. If you get the gist of what Im saying, then hopefully youll understand me when I say that this is a conceptually evolutionary game that presents us the gamer, with new and different avenues to go about problem solving and also challenges the current game design model of linearity while still be a very fun puzzle game! So, join me everyone as I take a long and hard journey of thought and understanding in the nether reaches of the AnteChamber. We'll solve puzzles, get lost in puzzles, become puzzles!, and most important of all have some good ol' fashion fun! AntiChamber Part 1: I also create MMO, Lets Play, and Walkthrough Guide Content on my gaming channel as well, check it out! I just Like to make gaming videos, been gaming all my life, but Im definitely new to making LPs and Stuff so hopefully my contents good enough for you all. My Youtube Channel: w Buy this game on Steam: Would Love to hear feedback either on the channel or here if you like or dislike the commentary! Thanks For Watching!
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I think this game is awesome. Something as revolutionary as Portal was.
I really hope there is going to be more puzzle games this next gen.