Fun game, right now it's a 7 with a lot of potential. It needs more polish though.

User Rating: 10 | Anthem (Origin Access Premier) PC

Ok, so is this game perfect, ground breaking or a must have? Absolutely not.

Is this game abysmally bad, unplayable or an instant refund? Not a chance.

To be fair right now this game is a 7/10 with a lot of potential, its direct competitors started similarly lacking a lot of content and had their fair share of bugs too (Division, Destiny, Warframe), the exception to this is Borderlands 2 which I still regard as the gold standard of content inside the disk. This isn't an excuse for Bioware though, they shouldn't aim for mediocrity just because their peers under delivered too, but at least it's something to have in mind, but since it's published by EA nobody wants to cut them some slack.

However, Bioware will be updating weekly with a ton of new monthly content and Quality of Life fixes, and they will be providing FREE story and world expansions. This for me is their saving grace, but people see EA and instantly start flaming, I can 100% relate to that but I decided to give this game a chance and I've enjoyed myself for quite a while now, around 10-12h in 4 sittings.

The gameplay is super fun, as repetitive as you can expect in any other looter game TBH, it's like criticizing Diablo for just mindlessly clicking on enemies you know, and yes the first 24h after launch I encountered about 4-5 bug/glitches and I noticed that this game doesn't like to run with an overclocked GPU, after I returned the GPU to default settings I haven't encountered a single bug.

TL;DR it's hella fun, albeit not for everyone and not content rich as any of the previous Bioware RPGs, but it can only get better and better month to month. Personally I don't regret my day 1 purchase since I know that if I get bored I can stop playing and come back when more content is released, but right now I'm really hyped each time I jump in one of my 3 Javelins, each one is a joy to pilot.