Creating apathy

User Rating: 3 | Anthem (Origin Access Premier) PC

I love Mass Effect (even Andromeda with its problems), science fiction, fantasy, adventure games, I have a weakness for all games and series of mechs. Anthem had everything to make me love him, but unfortunately he failed.

I do not care about my character, his goals could not matter less. Everything in the game is irrelevant, I get bored by all the NPCs I can't wait for them to shut up, is like an awkward talk with an old lady you just meet in the bus stop. All the entries in the diary about the story are boring and totally unlikely, there is no sense in technology, just no-sense magic. In another games I can not wait to read everything, to know everything. Here I suffer reading. Navigating both outside and inside the city is just as boring and makes you want to leave the game.

The missions are the only thing more or less interesting, but they are confusing, the interface does not do anything to help you understand the environment or locate enemies. I love to fly in all the games, sometimes I do not need to do more than that to entertain myself. But here the flight system is so bad that you can't enjoy the view. The interaction between the 4 players is almost nil, it makes you want to play alone.

The only point that could trap you in this game is to customize your costume. But I do not think it's worth playing the game for that.