I just didn't understand this game, even though I tried for 5hrs...

User Rating: 4.5 | Anno 2070 PC
I really liked the look of this game, which was for the very same reason that I chose to get it. But when I sat down, attempting to learn and play. It went REALLY slow... So you start of with this base out on the sea, with a boat. And then you're on your own. Sometimes there's a woman or man saying something about a mission, but there's no real introduction to how to play the game.

So this base you have is idle out on the sea, if you click on it you can see various open spots where you can deposit different items such as fish. But I couldn't find any way to deposit my items there, which was very weird, So I dropped my items in the water, because I didn't have infinite space.

And then I got to this island and it told me that I needed to build some different houses, and so I did. But it didn't explain to me what the house did. So I just placed some different structures around the island hoping to fulfill the needs without any idea if I was doing the right thing.. This is the most frustrating factor, you're really on your own with this game if you're a beginner to the Anno series such as myself. Sure I could complete some missions in the game.. But I had to figure out everything for myself without any sort of tool-tip or AI help to what the hell the different buttons where for and how to do things and why to do these things.

So I became bored with it and it really felt like a complete waste of time, which was quite disappointing because I was hoping for a really exciting game here!