AC:WW is a game to get a DS for.

User Rating: 9.2 | Animal Crossing: Wild World DS
:Good Idea:
·They brought back the addictions of the original Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. All the chores, the fishing, bug collecting, fossil hunting, furniture collecting, and NES collecting. But there's more fish/bugs/everything this time so it just adds more to it!
·Multiplayer is a lot better. It's like a mini-mmorpg game, or The Sims online. You can visit people's town from across the internet via the wifi signal. It's pretty cool.
·The way the world moves with your character is neat. When I first saw the world actually moving, I was thinking 'This is what the original needed too'. It's something simple that adds a lot more to the gameplay.

:Bad Idea:
·The stylus controls are funky sometimes. They don't seem to work very well when you hold a tool and run around. If you try and walk, rather than run, it seems as though your character wants to use his tools. The shovel is just plain aggravating to use with the stylus. Although, I will say, selling items with the stylus is the way to go.
·They removed the seasons (such as Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter/etc...). I didn't like that at all.
·They removed a few things I really enjoyed. One thing being the junk yard. I miss getting my papers from there to write stuff.

·There's a few things I didn't like, but the overall experience with the game is a really nice one. It's one of those games you won't put down anytime soon. I'd recommend it to anyone who is a fan of The Sims or the original.