welcome to the city

User Rating: 10 | Animal Crossing: Wild World DS
Whats more fun than walking around and waterting flowers, digging or fishing. The game is instant fun from the start and you live in this virtual world and make your small house bigger and bigger. This might sound boring but dont be fooled there is always something to do from visiting neighbours , doing errands or donating to the museam. The characters are qirky and fun with simply snappy sentences that adds to the atmosphere.

The collecting money and constant visits to nooks to sell flowers and shells but dont let that put you off. It is a great game that can be played at any time but dont forget the game runs of real time so it you dont play for a week the residents in the town will let you know about it. Also the only other bad point is the mole if you forget to save and switch the game off he will appear and leacture you so dont say i didnt warn you.