Amazingly great!!

User Rating: 9.7 | Animal Crossing: Wild World DS
When I first saw this game I was like, this game is to girlish. But now I bought because of all the great reviews. And WOW!!! This game is awesome. Its as if living a second life! When you start out the game is kind of hard. You have to fish, get shells, and apples and stuff to pay off mortgage. Then your mortage gets bigger. But after that it gets way better! You can take your money and buy furniture and clothes and other accessories. The best part of the game is the fact that the date is the same and the setting of game changes seasons and activities accordingly.

The multiplayer is cool. You just have to get somebodies friend code. Then you could visit their town and talk and stuff. But if you dont have somebodies friend code your out of luck. I say buy this game even if you think its as girlish as I did. Make as manly or girlish you want. The game is cool either way.