Charming, Different, and Addictive are the residents in this town.

User Rating: 9 | Animal Crossing: Wild World DS
Animal Crossing was a game I loved for the gamecube. It had a great charm and personality to it, and quite frankley, wasn't a clone of a popular game. From decorating your house, to fishing with friends, this DS port isnt that different, which can be a good, or bad thing.

The graphics are the same, slightly crude and primitive, but are a distinct style for AC. The voices are still the same, repetitive squeaking based on who you are talking to. But what makes this shine is the gameplay and addictiveness of the whole experience.

Everyday something changes, whether it be a travelling salesman, or a seasonal character. The weather follows the calendar , bringing in snow in the winter months, flowers in the spring, dryness in the summer, and brown-red hues for the fall.

But what is really great, is the way you can do multiple things, fishing, lumberjacking, or selling to gain AS currency (Bells). And sometimes you could be surprised at sharks in the water, notes in bottles, and residents flying on balloons. So if you are looking for an addictive and portable game, you'll come no closer to Animal Crossing DS