Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats For DS

  1. Magic Rock

    Hit all the rocks in town with either a shovel or an axe until you find one that releases a money bag when you do. Continue to hit it as many times as you can until it finally stops releasing bags of money. With every hit you do, the rock will release more gold. This can be done once a day.

    Contributed by: darkcheetor 

  2. How to change the background of your inventory.

    1) Grab a shirt or pattern.
    2) Drag it to the lower left corner.
    3) It'll be over an invisible space, drop it.

    Contributed by: MrLegosi 

  3. How to get the scallop

    The scallop is used to get the golden axe from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach at a random time, once a week. First, you need to buy a red turnip from Joan. Next, give it to Wendel the next time he comes to town. Wendel should give you the Turban or Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, take it to Sahara when she comes to town. Sahara should give you either the Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get the Massage Chair, let Tortimer have it the next holiday and he should give you the scallop. Then just wait for Pascal to sho wup and give him the scallop.

    But if you got the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s Pic
    And if you got the Red Vase, give it to Crazy Redd in exchange for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the Tom Nook Pic.

    Contributed by: guitardude108 

  4. Receive Birthday Cake Item

    Log into your town on your birthday and get a Birthday Cake item from one of your neighbors.

    Contributed by: Jankers 

  5. Hold 10 extra items

    This is a really easy trick. Just buy 10 letters, leave them blank, than pull an item onto it so that it becomes a present. Tada, 10 extra slots.

    Contributed by: sItH lOrD kEiTh 

  6. Become friends with Sable

    Whenever you enter the Able Sisters store and try to talk to Sable (the hedgehog sitting behind the sewing machine in the back left corner), she usually just ignores you, or tries to tell you talk to her sister because she's busy. To develop a "friendship" with Sable, you must talk to her at least once every day for a number of days. Eventually, she will start having conversations with you, and even thank you for stopping by.

    Contributed by: SuperSonikku17 

  7. Become friends with Brewster

    Once a day you can buy coffee at the cafe'. At first he just gives you coffe and says "Thanks...". But If you buy some from him coffee every day he will start asking you questions, treating you like a friend, asking you if he can put special ingrediants in your coffee, and thanking you for coming by.

    Contributed by: Snes7 

  8. Store more items

    Speak to Pelly in the town hall (or Phyllis, if it's at night) and choose "Save a Letter". You can save up to 75 letters, and you can attach gifts/items to these letters so you can keep 75 items in the post office, plus the 90 items in the dressers, and you can do this with all 4 characters, for maximum item storage.

    Contributed by: araknid_kid 

  9. Getting furniture from your neighbors houses

    If an animal in your town has furniture in his or her house that you want, send them seashells, unwanted furniture, or fossils to them in the mail. They'll usually put these gifts in their house, displacing whatever was there before. Check the recycle bin at your Town Hall and the item you wanted from their house may be in there.

    Contributed by: AzureConstruct 

  10. Grow Golden Roses

    Water dying black roses with the golden watering can, and they will return as golden roses the next day.

    Contributed by: AudioZan 

  11. Turnips that never spoil.

    First get a table and place it in your house. Now take any item preferred item is fishing pole or shovel and set it down in front of the table, now stand directly on that item and try to place your turnips on the ground. Instead of the turnips falling on the ground they go onto the table. This prevents any spoiling as opposed to setting them on the ground.

    Contributed by: Tyler89t 

  12. Instantly Cure Sick Villagers

    When one of your villagers is sick, you'll have to give him/her some Medicine every day for about a week to cure him/her, but an easier way to cure him/her is to get on WiFi or multiplayer, then the villager will be immediately cured when someone visits your town.

    Contributed by: XxThunderxX 

  13. First Roof Color

    Your first house's roof color can be customized, believe it or not. Simply change your DS's menu color from the DS setup screen and your house will have that same roof color. NOTE: this only works with the color you have set when you first move into a house.

    Contributed by: purple100 

  14. 4-Leaf Clover

    If you town becomes covered in weeds there will also be clvoer patches. If you are lucky, you will pull up a four leaf clover. This is pretty rare however, most patches you dig up will not contain the clover. The clover can then be used as an accessory in you character's hair, or if you place it in your house it will act as a bookmark in a book.

    Contributed by: mikau26 

  15. Retro Animal Crossing Bootleg

    To get the Retro Animal Crossing note to listen to at your house, tell K.K. Slider this request.

    Forest Life

    This song is the full version of the gamecube AC. If you don't have the game, but you do have AC for the Gamecube, and are just surfing the site, Then to hear "Forest Life" on the Gamecube, just turn the game on and open the disc cover as soon as you see the train monkey.

    Contributed by: 911Goofy 

  16. Free Fishing Rod from Tortimer

    If you go up and talk to Tortimer at the Fishing Tourney and you don't have a fishing rod with you, he should give you his. It's just a normal fishing rod, but hey, it's free.

    Contributed by: eagle1296 

  17. Make animals stay in their houses

    To make animals stay in their houses, simply go to the gate, and ask Copper to open the gates for DS to DS visitors. After the gates are open, your animals will stay in their houses. This makes deliverys VERY easy if you are having trouble finding certain animals, or if you are trying to look at a certain animal's house and they don't stay inside much.

    Contributed by: Shadowpirate978 

  18. Find out tomorrows weather

    If you have a TV, make sure you pay attention when the weather show is on. It'll tell you, in pictures, how the weather will be the next day. It'll either show a picture with the sun for a clear day, or clouds with snowflakes for snow, or rain etc. This is important if you want to catch a Coelacanth.

    Contributed by: NoBullet 

  19. Free bug net

    While the bug contest is going on, talk to tortimer and and he will give you a free bug net. This only works if you don't have a bug net on you already.

    Contributed by: J0hn6oo 

  20. Free Pack of Flowers

    Talk to Tortimer during the Flower Fest for a free pack of flowers!

    Contributed by: Marioblast 

  21. Get a Tan

    To change your skin tone, stay outside during summer, when it's most warm. After a few minutes of spending time outdoors, find any building to enter. You will notice your skin will have what only this season can give you. After a week or so, the tan will disappear unless you have been outside lately. Unlike the Gamecube version, this tan can range from being to very light to being seriously dark

    Contributed by: u8myrice 

  22. Cause all the mail to be sent

    Normally, the mail will only come at 9am and 5pm daily. However, there is a way to make the mail come whenever you want. When you order an item from the catalog, or when you or one of your villagers sends a letter, it becomes "pending to be sent" at the post office. However, the post office can only hold ten letters as "pending" at a time. If more than ten letter are sent, all the mail will come. So, in order to cause the mail to come whenever you want, simply send letters to one of your villagers or another character in your house until there are more than ten total letters waiting to be sent. This is a great way to get items from the catalog whenever you want.

    Contributed by: GwindorX 

  23. Duplicate Items and Bells

    This glitch requires two 100 bell coins, a 1x1 box (a box that only occupies one space, something like the cardboard box you start the game with), and the item you want to clone, such as a golden tool or a bag of bells.

    Step 1: Go to a fairly empty space on the first floor of your house.
    Step 2: Drop a 100 bell coin on the floor.
    Step 3: This is a slightly tricky part-- drop the other 100 bell coin on the floor, then very quickly drop the box on the floor. If done right, the 100 bell coin will be on top of the box.
    Step 4: Drop the item you want to duplicate on the ground. If done correctly, it will be on the box.
    Step 5: Look at the box from a diagonal angle, then grab the item on top of it. Your item should still appear to be on the box.
    Step 6: Push or pull the box in any direction, and then grab the item on the box once again (it can be from any angle this time).

    Congratulations! You just duplicated an item! You might have to exit and enter your house if you want to duplicate the item again.

    Contributed by: mrpigeonbird 

  24. Special paper

    Some paper in the game you can not buy from Nook or find lying around, you have to do certain things.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Sign up with the HRA, and your scores shall arrive on academy paper Academy paper
    Purchase a bottle with paper from Tom Nook, write a letter and drop it into the ocean. You shall receive a note back and can now use the bottle paper Bottle paper
    Win an event during the year such as the fishing tourney and your prize shall come with a note written on formal paper Formal paper
    Become a member at Crazy Redd's tent, and you shall receive the password to enter his tent every week, written on fox paper Fox paper
    Sign up for accident insurance with Lyle. Get stung from bees or buy a forged painting to get a settlement in the post with a note on insurance paper Insurance paper
    Order something from your catalogue from Tom Nook. When your order arrives a letter written on Nook paper shall be attached Nook paper
    Roll up snowballs large enough to make snowmen. When completed the snowman will send you a gift and a note in the post written on snowman paper Snowman paper
    Deposit some money into your bank account at the Post Office, and when you recieve monthly statements they shall be on Town Hall paper Town Hall paper

    Contributed by: Crazy AJ 

  25. Houses

    Here are some of the Upgrades for your house

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Pay off 848,000 Bells in the Town hall Back room
    Pay off 19,800 Bells in the Town hall First house expansion
    Pay off 598,000 Bells in the Town hall Left room
    Pay off 728,000 Bells in the Town hall Right room
    Pay off 120,000 Bells in the Town hall Second house expansion
    Pay off 298,000 Bells in the Town hall Upstairs room

    Contributed by: darnoc1234 

  26. Donating to Boondox

    Boondox is apperantly a town that's so poor they eat YOU'RE suppossed to help them out. Give them enough and you'll reap the rewards...may not be worth all the bells, but it's for a good cause...right?

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Donate 200,000 Bells Blue Feather
    Donate 10,000 Bells Green Feather
    Donate 1,100,000 Bells Purple Feather
    Donate 6,400,000 Bells...(ouch) Rainbow Feather
    Donate 800,000 Bells Red Feather
    Donate 1,400,000 Bells White Feather
    Donate 500,000 Bells Yellow Feather

    Contributed by: erneighbour 

  27. Post Office Savings Acount Rewards.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Save 1,000,000 bells. Box of Tissues
    Save 100,000,000 bells. Pelly's Pic
    Save 500,000,000 bells. Phyllis's Pic
    Save 10,000,000 bells. Piggy Bank
    Save 999,999,999 bells. Town Hall Model

    Contributed by: guitardude108 

  28. Mush Furniture

    Cornimer will give you mush furniture for a specific amount of acorns. The only chance to get acorns is at the Acorn Festival.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    230 acorns Forest Floor
    200 acorns Forest Wall
    170 Acorns Mush Bed
    40 Acorns Mush Chair
    80 Acorns Mush Closet
    60 Acorns Mush Dresser
    10 Acorns Mush End Table
    25 Acorns Mush Lamp
    100 Acorns Mush Stand
    5 Acorns Mush Stool
    120 Acorns Mush Table
    140 Acorns Mush TV

    Contributed by: Zelnick05, kylegv0 

  29. Unlock Golden Tools

    Perform various tasks around your town to unlock the following.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe. Golden Axe
    Catch every type of bug once. Golden Bug Net
    Catch every type of fish once. Golden Fishing Rod
    Bury a regular shovel in the ground, and then dig it up a full day later. It will then be golden. Golden Shovel
    Shoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down. Golden Slingshot
    Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with the golden can. Golden Watering Can

    Contributed by: coffee7729 

  30. HRA Bonus Items

    Once you have reached enough points, the HRA will send you a letter saying you have earned a pirze, which is a model of your house.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Earn 150,000 points Mansion Model
    Earn 70,000 points One-Story Model
    Earn 100,000 points Two-Story Model

    Contributed by: NiGHTS0223 

  31. Special clothing patterns

    Two items of clothing you can not buy or get given directly from Gracie.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Sometimes Gracie will attach a moldy shirt to her evaluation of your fashion trend Moldy shirt
    Keep the work uniform that Tom Nook gives you until you have completed all chores, at the beginning of the game Work uniform

    Contributed by: Crazy AJ 

  32. Nook Store Upgrades

    Spend or sell the said amount of money at nooks store and he will remodel and make the store larger.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Spend 25000 bells Nook 'n' Go (lvl 2)
    Spend 240000 bells and have a friend shop at the store Nookingtons (final upgrade)
    Spend 90000 bells Nookway (lvl 3)

    Contributed by: VinceyPie 

  33. PTM Rewards

    When you buy things at Nook's shop, your PTM point total goes up. When you reach a specific point total, it will result in a new level of membership. Later Nook will send you a letter with a present congradulating you on reaching the new status.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Earn 5,000 Store Points Nook' n Go Model / 5% Store Discount
    Reach Membership Status (300 Points) Nook's Cranny Model
    Earn 20,000 Store Points Nookington's Model / 20% Store Discount
    Earn 10,000 Store Points Nookway Model / 10% Store Discount

    Contributed by: 4m3r1c4n_1d107, KirbLord 

  34. Party Poppers

    Speak to Tortimer any time during New Year's Eve. He'll give you Party Poppers to help celebrate the occasion.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Speak to Tortimer during New Year's Eve Party Poppers

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  35. Fireworks Show Items

    These items can only be obtained during the Fireworks Show. The Fireworks Show takes place every Saturday in Augest, from 7-12PM. Speak to Tortimer during that time to obtain these items.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show Roman Candles
    Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show Sparklers

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  36. Trophies

    There are certain trophies that can be obtained only after you've done well in certain community activities. The Fishing Tourney takes place on every third Sunday of January, March, May, November and December, from 12-6PM. The Bug-Off takes place every third Sunday of June-September, from 12-6PM. The Flower Fest takes place on the second week of April. Do well in these competitions to win these rare items.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Catch the biggest bug during The Bug-Off The Bug Trophy
    Catch the biggest fish in The Fishing Tourney The Fish Trophy
    Create the best garden during The Flower Fest The Flower Trophy

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

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