Does anyone know who the user Leaf is?

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Hey so I’ve been playing Pocket Camp and its super fun, but there is this one user called Leaf and its just weird.

I added a bunch of my friends via code and they were the first people I had in my friends list at the time, but there was someone else under the name ‘Leaf’. I thought it was kind of weird because they just had the generic avatar, camp, camper van, and it also said that they hadn’t played within 30 days which was especially strange considering at the time the app was in its first week of release.

I sort of forgot about it though until today when I tried to add my sister as a friend via code, I was able to get her onto my friends list but instead of me om hers she got Leaf. It will show my avatar for a moment but when trying to visit my camp it will take her to Leafs, and change my user to Leaf in her friends list. She tried both adding herself from my phone and adding me by her phone, but it always takes her to Leaf. Leaf is no longer on my friends list either anymore, just my sisters.

It seems like Leaf is transfered to users by friend code as since getting her I’ve added plenty of other people but Leaf was still on my list until today. Has anyone else seen Leaf in their game or had anything similar happen?