Animal Crossing: NEW LEAF. NEW GAME.

User Rating: 9 | Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is an amazing new game created for the 3DS. It is a semi life simulator in a small town that you can name, edit and expand. As a mayor, you can change how the game plays, by adding ordinances, or build new projects with Public Works projects. You also get to see the return of many characters from previous games, such as Tortimer, Nook, Sable and so on.. All the villagers have returned with some new additions and my personal favourite is Biskit...dawg..... The 3DS's more powerful system makes Animal Crossing a great game, and seems like the completed version of Wild World. The only problems I have with this game is the Animal speech system. It gets repetitive thats all. Also, the broken mechanic of the Tropical Island, well...I'll let you discover that yourself.