Will blow the minds of newcomers, but still leaves some to be desired for the veterans

User Rating: 8 | Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS

If you've never played an Animal Crossing game, this game will absolutely blow your mind. I have had just about every Animal Crossing, so I wasn't as impressed. My overall sentiment is that there is just "more" than there being any radical additions. While becoming the mayor is a drastic change, the ways to make money are almost identical to the previous versions. The iterations of this game have incrementally added things, but New Leaf has been the series' biggest jump. It is what City Folk should have been. One gripe I've had with the series is that it still caters to the morning crowd; if I want to play late at night, I still have to time travel to another day because there just isn't much to do in the late hours. I had played Wild World on the original DS to death, which is probably why this entry is not as amazing as it could have been. I am glad that this series is back on track and heading in a solid direction.