Don't bother playing this game, play the older ones instead.

User Rating: 1 | Animal Crossing: New Horizons NS

Look, this game is not even close to good. It's terrible, bad, abysmal... whatever you want to call it. Animal Crossing involves a player moving in with other villagers. However, the only villagers you do move in are two and unlike the previous games where the town is a lot bigger and has a whopping 10 villagers for starters, and more characters that don't appear in Animal Crossing New Horizons. I'd say get the GameCube one. Don't have a GameCube or Wii? Play New Leaf for 3DS, or Wild World for DS. Don't bother playing this game. Play the older ones instead. Isabelle is so much dumbed down in this one. The music is hurting my brain. It's a scam. This game is a scam.