The Right Game For The Right Time On The Nintendo Switch!

User Rating: 10 | Animal Crossing: New Horizons NS

Maybe it's the isolation talking, but I don't think that there is a single video game out there, that could have managed to come out at PRECISELY the right time, PRECISELY when it was needed! The year of 2020, has seen MANY projects be adversely affected, because of the crisis that has occurred around the world! But when this game came along at PRECISELY the time the crisis was starting to get REALLY serious, it managed to not only BE the game that people needed, it also HELPED people keep being connected TOGETHER, even when they couldn't physically BE together! While this has always been one of the key features of "Animal Crossing", it has now become a strength, in a way that it never has before! Thanks to the "Animal Crossing" code, connecting with other players has never been easier, either by inviting players to your island, or taking a virtual visit to another player's island. Also, this game lets you build YOUR island in a way that has never been possible before! While the Island starts off really rural, and lots of areas are initially blocked off, this game lets you customize items in a way that you never could before. Now, you can collect items, and combine them together, in order to create NEW items! You can even customize the colors on many select items (once you learn how to), in order to create the look for the items that you like! Also, once you unlock the option, you can select pretty much anywhere, to build the bridges and the ramps of your choice, pretty much anywhere you want to put them, and select WHERE to put all the buildings on your island, which is a VERY handy feature, to minimize the impact to the trees and the flowers on your island. Also, the brand new feature, Dodo Airlines, allows you to take a trip to a randomly generated island, where you can recruit potential new Island Citizens, gather unique materials to sell, or customize, and catch and collect unique bugs and fish to either give to Blathers, or sell at the Nook store! The only drawback to everything, is that the tools, even at the GOLDEN level, eventually break down after so many uses, but it's a rather small price to pay, in order to customize the many things that you want! While it's technically possible to finish paying off all the house additions you can purchase for your house in about two months, the changing seasons make it so that this game can be played longer than that! This is a really great game, and it is DEFINITELY one of the best games to come out in 2020! Enough said, true believers!