Its more of the same, but once again the same is amazingly fun and addictive

User Rating: 8.5 | Machi e Ikouyo: Doubutsu no Mori WII
Animal Crossing's fun has always puzzled me. How simple fishing, conversing, shopping and running around, is something that keeps people coming back for more no matter how old you are, or how FPS obsessed you may be.

City Folk delivers all of that strange charm a whole lot more.

While it may not differ an incredible amount from both the original and wild world it keeps and adds the amount needed to provide the definitive useless experience. No offence intended

But down to what it adds.
Obviously the city. Containing shops mostly of people who once randomly showed up in your town, now have a permanant residence.
These include Redd Katrina and Gracie.

Furthermore, the happy room academy now having an office in the city, now bases your room on another room that changes every week or month i cant remember.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi connection also broadens your experience, not only because they can come to your town, but because of the auction house in the city, you can buy other peoples junk along with being able to talk to your fellow animal crossingers with wii speak, included in the special animal crossing bundle!!!!

Otherwise there is little difference maybe the fact the houses are randomly placed, so you sleep in seperate houses but otherwise its a lot of the same.

The sound is the same old cheer ful tone with constant letter noises coming from big headed animals.

Graphics only flow better so its a minimal improvement.

But all in all this installment in the animal crossing franchise is only bettered.
With a lengthy play time and strange abilities of addicition Animal Crossing city folk is a great game for gamers, kids and casual gamers