Don't mess with my eggs! Angry Birds - Addicting little game.

User Rating: 8 | Angry Birds AND
Angry Birds was my first official app on my first Android phone, and it was an excellent choice.

Ridiculously easy to start playing - even my 4 yr. old niece was able to figure it out without me saying anything.
Quick Levels - got a few seconds? Then you have enough time to play a level.
Rising Difficulty - like any good addicting puzzle game, the levels get progressively harder, almost impossible at times. Art & Music - Simply adorable - enough said

Ads - Because the Android version is free, they jam packed it with advertisement, which can often slow down the game to a terrible lag. This lagging can get very frustrating at times.
Sizing - Due to a small screen, precision takes a hit on this game. The game offers zoom, which can help angle your bird for take-off, but it sacrifices your overall view. It is a bit annoying, but something I'm willing to get over.

Overall, definitely worth the download time. Very cute, and entertaining game.