A "Destroy the Castle" game rip-off.

User Rating: 6 | Angry Birds IOS
I decided to try out Angry Birds since almost everyone I know says it is such a great game. Honestly, it is not that great.

The "story" of the game is that these pigs ate some birds' eggs. So, to get revenge on the pigs, the birds launch themselves at the pigs, who are hiding in fortresses. If you've played any of those games where you have to destroy the castle and kill everyone inside of it, then you will immediately see that this game is a complete rip-off. I've played plenty of those castle games, so Angry Birds is nothing new or exciting for me.

I suppose that it is a decent game to play on your iPhone/iPod/iPad when you're on the go, but I'm not much of a mobile gamer. I prefer console gaming. That's probably why I don't really like Angry Birds. I just find this game so generic and unoriginal that it becomes boring for me within five minutes.

If you've never played any of those Destroy the Castle games that I previously mentioned, then by all means play this game since you will probably enjoy it. But if you've been there already or are more of a console gamer, then Angry Birds is probably not for you. It is not original or anything new.