Makes you mad, but you won't let it go...

User Rating: 9 | Angry Birds AND
I have to admit. When I first downloaded and played this game, I was wondering what had made the game 'immensely' popular. Okay, it was fun, but nothing like people made it out to be. But then I went back to it after a week, and I am now completely hooked. It's one of those games that frustrate you, but you still can't stop playing them until you finish them.

First of all, the graphics of the game are pretty good. The physics simulation in the game is awesome, which makes it all the more fun to play.

Sound in the game is good too. The main menu music is very simple and cute. The voices and sounds made by the birds are funny, sometimes irritating, but good nonetheless.

Like I said, you'll get frustrated when you can't solve a level, but will keep trying to solve it until you do.

Conclusion is that this game is a phenomenon, which I'm sure you already know by now.

So go ahead, download it and start playing. It's free for Android, unlike its iPhone counterpart.. :) Enjoy!!