you kinda get what you would expect....

User Rating: 8 | Angry Birds HD IOS
this game is exactly what you would expect from angry birds. im playing on my htc evo 3d with zero bugs or problems. was annoying that it required wifi to download but thats a minor complaint. its got your usually gang of birds but with the addition of a couple new faces and a couple new game mechanics. the new birds are fairly interesting and fun to use. the game mechanics are based around space stuff, like atmosphere, gravity, and orbits.

my final thoughts are that the game is fun and easy to jump into on a smartphone or tablet. slightly updated graphics and sounds/music give it a fresh and new feeling. i gave it an 8 overall because while i enjoy the game and play it a lot during my couple mins of downtime here and there, in the end it is what it is.... Angry Birds. hope you all grab it and enjoy it!