The Birds got their eggs back and are happy as hell.

User Rating: 9 | Angry Birds IOS
The storyline is basic. The pigs stole the eggs from the birds because they have absoultely nothing to eat. They then attempt to steal them again, (Once you beat World 1) but they are more clever. There are loads of levels, about 105, which is a great amount for an Iphone game.

GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10
Basiclly, you are the birds, and you try to kill the pigs by catapulting yourself from a slingshot and you try to knock down the fort and kill the pigs. How fun is that? Very. The levels start off very easy, and then as you progress, the get more and more challenging and frustrating. I got frustrated at 2-9, thats for sure. But then I finally beat it. There are currently 5 types of birds. (I'm at World 4) Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White. Red: Weight: Normal. Strength: Normal. Ability: Nothing. Blue: Weight: Light. Strength: Low. Agility:
When you tap screen, they turn into 3 birds. Yellow: Weight: Normal. Strength: Semi-Normal. Ability: Turns into Rocket and goes faster. Black: Weight: High. Strength: Very High. Ability: Bomb. White: Weight: High. Strength: High. Ability: Bombs with Egg.
Each are effective in different ways. The gameplay is very fun and challenging, and it takes persision to beat the game.

GRAPHICS: 9.5/10
Great graphics, very detailed and smooth.

AUDIO: 8.5/10
Funny sound effects, nut music gets annoying at times.

CONTROLS: 9.0/10
Clean controls, still I had a few controls issues.

Very good time waster and is extremely addicting. Although, it didn't get a 10 because if you can't beat a level and your stuck, even if you've done it for hours, you may just give up. Eventualy, you'll play it again.

Angry Birds is superb, but it has minor errors.