Very fun and addictive game! A must have for itouch/iphone users!

User Rating: 8 | Angry Birds IOS
The game is about birds that have their eggs stolen by pigs, because the pigs are hungry. It is up to the birds to get their eggs back. But how? By killing pigs, thats how! There are 5 worlds, each containing about 20 levels. You must shoot the birds using a catapult towards the pigs, which are idle. The game starts out really easy and then becomes rather difficult. It will eventually take time to strategically plan your throws and it gets your brain thinking. I give this game an 8.0 because it is very fun and if you have nothing to do, (waiting in line, plane ride, siting in class, etc.) you can easily whip this out and start playing. However, there is not much replay value after you complete all 5 worlds, and some levels might frustrate you to the point that you might want to stop playing. Patience is key in moments like that. Otherwise, its a great, affordable game for everyone.