Better then the first

User Rating: 9 | Angry Birds Space IOS
This game is used with your fingers so the controls might be frustrating to some people but im not complaining.One of the best apps ever is back but this time in space.I like this better then the first because there is new birds and some birds have new skills then the first.This app came out not to long ago and it is only one dollar in the app store.This game is a great buy and a great new angry birds.Play as the birds as you launch them in to different levels and a different place.The concept is kind of like the first but a little different because it is where the pigs steal from the birds and the birds get mad and try to get it back from the pigs.

The positive+ New birds,New stages,New area
Negative-slightly harder

This app is a 9.0 out of 10.This is the best angry birds...for now.