Good game and really fun but sometimes it's hard as f**k!! Will drive you insane!

User Rating: 8 | Angry Birds Space HD IOS
And I mean that in a positive way, cause I do enjoy this game but c'mon sometimes it's just plain cheap as hell! And i think the creater's did that intentionally. The f'n Space Eagles are usless as sh*t and don't work nearly as well as they've worked in past Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, which is a shame considering they are handy if u get stuck. That seems like a bug to me that got over looked and kinda takes away from the fun. I'd hope a patch will come with a future update that improves the Space Eagles. Also, why is not enough of the game available? WTF?! I should'nt have to buy levels they should unlock after beating previous levels of the game. Overall it's a fine game and if you're like me and love the Angry Birds franchise then by all means pick this up, but just be prepared for a major frustration at times