Fun puzzling game, not to hard, great on the go, great graphics, lags sometimes, aesthetic has changed with birds!

User Rating: 8 | Angry Birds Space IOS
Angry Birds Space is a casual platformer single player puzzle experience for IOS. The game was created and devolved by Rovio.

Angry Birds Space follows the original story from all the Angry Birds titles, the thieving Pigs stealing the birds eggs. However this time pig aliens abduct the birds eggs as well a golden egg belonging to some kind of alien bird made of ice.

The game is catapult based which is the main mean of attack.

This adventure takes place in outer space which is very important for the experience as it intertwines the new gameplay factor: gravitational pull!

Multiplayer would've been very neat, Rovio could have done time attack modes or Co-op sadly this feature is yet to be seen for the Angry Bird Titles.

The difficulty stays the same but levels get more complicated. For a casual puzzle game the difficulty is just right but may be frustrating to others. These people aren't in luck as the difficulty cannot be altered by the user.

The game is rated 4+ which is handy for people who are busy so just stick an IOS device in front of their kids which will keep them entertained for a while.

The game features 3 stages which all include 30 levels. Another stage is still in development and coming soon. Hence a lengthy game which I would advise to do bit by bit and not all in one session.

If you are midway in a level and adbrubtly leave it the game will pause however if you close the app (not minimise) you will have to restart that level. There is no kind of saving the game it just checks off levels you've completed.

In terms of repay value once you beat the game you will have access to every level and you can try to increase your star rating or your high score. (When you finish a level you get a star rating out of 3 golden stars.

All areas in the game are brightly lit however you may need to manoeuvre the camera to see other parts of the scene. So you have access to everywhere within a level. Navigating the camera can be a pain at first but once you get used to it a is a breeze however moving the camera will sometimes cause lag.

All the graphics in this game are excellent they are very crisp, high resolution and not blocky the graphics are even more enhanced on the HD version which is also available for download however it does cost more.

The sound effects of the birds seem to be the same sounds from all the previous games which is great as it keeps the originality of the Angry Bird series.

At the start and end of every stage their is a breif clip which coincides with the next setting or introduction of a playable bird.

Overall Angry Birds Space is a very good game. It has a good storyline, neat graphics and cool new gameplay additions. Multiplayer would have gotten Angry Birds Space a 9 or even a 10 but hopefully this will be incorporated into future titles which I am looking very forward to.