A Worthy Addition To The Angry Birds Family .

User Rating: 9 | Angry Birds Space PC
If you thought they couldn't top the already sensational "smash and destroy blocks , barricades and foes" featuring game Angry Birds well here it is . A huge spin off preserving the core mechanics and ideas of the original game while supplying meaningful additions to it . The end product a more vivid , thoughtful and colorful Angry Birds game . The anti-gravity mechanics breathes new life into the already profound game play . The visuals and art design are just breath taking beautiful considering the low specs requirements of the game . Most of sounds in the game are very much identical to the older Angry Birds games . Well most of it is rather recycled which i personally adore with some spacey ambiance in the backgrounds thrown to the mix .
Angry Birds Space can be recommended to almost anyone who likes to play games casually , often or religiously . Whether you are already an Angry Birds fan or not . If you are looking for a game that is easy enough to get into and almost impossible to give up while the fun lasts , you owe yourself to try Angry Birds Space .