Might not be a sequel, Angry Birds Space will make you want to come back for more.

User Rating: 8 | Angry Birds Space AND
On almost every mobile phone system the Angry Birds series have been downloaded by over 700 million around the world which is well recognised by both kids and adults. You'd be wondering if there was ever going to be a sequel for Angry Birds, in the past we've had Angry Birds Seasons and one based off the movie Rio. I wouldn't say that Angry Birds Space is a sequel but has a few new ideas which are quite clever and of course using the same elements we've seen in the past.

Gameplay: Pretty sure almost every single person has played Angry Birds at least once on almost any system or handheld. The basic instructor still remains where you have to smash through objects and smash those green pigs that are neatly lying on top of the obstacle or underneath it. Pending on how birds you can slingshot through each level, the less birds you use and manage to get rid of all the pigs you'll get a higher score and star rating.

There are a few new birds which have been added but look the same as the original birds but with special powers. The Bomb birds are the exploding birds if you tap at the screen they'll explode, Lazer Birds are actually those Yellow birds but they can actually lock-on to the object or pigs you want to aim at by a simple tap at the screen and where you want to aim. New birds including Ice Birds which can freeze objects making it easier for you to smash through, and Terence birds which are these large green birds that can smash through anything.

Graphics and Sound: The biggest twist you'll see in Space is that through out most of the levels your doing the same thing like in the past games. Through Space you get to use Gravity where objects on various levels are laid out on smaller planets and asteroids; you can pull the sling-shot and aim on which way you want to fire your bird at. Higher or lower you aim and fire you can see your bird fly around the small planet or asteroid and then smashing any of the objects that are in the way. Some levels where some of the pigs or objects are floating in space and can easily be burst by breaking their bubble or if they are near a planet they will drop down and land on the planet.

I really do liked the 2D cartoon coloured graphics used in Space making it cute and charming for anyone to play more and more of the latest installment in the series. The opening into and few cutscenes are presented in a comic-book style. Not to say about the soundtrack and yes you'll be hearing the same sound effects and bird noises again in a different format with them being in space.

Overall: I actually found Angry Birds Space more addictive then the original to be honest, I found it more fun to play. May be a short game but has a lot to offer, some levels you'll be required to think more and some levels take a little luck but you can come back to past levels and get a higher score and star rating. There's a set of hardcore levels out there which you can buy for around 69p or 99 cents which is more like Downloadable content if you think about it. It is a shame they are not added to the game which only has two worlds to play through and will make you want to come back for more.