This time, angry birds has been totally changed! The usual way to play it has gone ;-)

User Rating: 10 | Angry Birds Space PC
This addictive version of angry birds, came with a new way to play it. Not totally reinvented, but really changed than the other ones. This time, the birds and the pigs are in the space. There, has no gravity, so, everything changes. Instead of the earth´s atmosphere, we have lots of atmospheres from rocks floating the space. When the bird enter this atmosphere, it change the direction to a circular rotation.
This new way to play the game it´s totally unexpected and "I think rovio did really great", but, I´m sure this change will separate the people.
The graphics are better than before, cause the resolution was "improved" (well, on my machine the game looks better than the others), the gameplay has been changed but continues addictive, and the rovio did great on this game. Overall rating: awesome! This game is on my list of great 2012 games, as well as Alan Wake!