It was only a matter of time before they ended up in space

User Rating: 10 | Angry Birds Space AND

The Angry Birds franchise rapidly expanded into an ubiquitous phenomenon. After a few sequels, it was only a matter of time before they ended up in space. This is my starting point to the franchise, but the core gameplay remains the same. You have a queue of various types of birds, and must launch them via a slingshot to defeat the pigs.

Since the theme is space, you may have to take into account the gravitational pull of the planets which will alter your trajectory. There's a massive amount of variety between the many worlds, and so there is plenty of things to take into account. It's important to get a good view of the level and plan your strategy. You may have to use some birds to clear a path through the obstacles before you can begin to eradicate the pigs. You may intentionally hit asteroids to send them towards the pigs, or take advantage of the explosive crates. There's one world that features water, so your trajectory will change as you get pulled in by the gravity of the planet, only to have your trajectory altered once more by the water. It's quite the spectacle seeing your bird bend around an obstacle, go skimming across the water's surface, and ploughing into a pig for the kill.

The other important thing to take into account is the birds you have available and their set order. The red bird is the basic one and has no special ability, a blue bird splits into 3 weaker birds when you tap, purple homes into your destination when you tap, one that expands in size, one that explodes, one freezes the surrounding area when you tap, and one that's slow but powerful. You also have some other special birds which are what the game sells you in micro-transactions.

The difficulty is quite mixed. Some levels are pretty straight-forward, whereas other ones are very tough to do. Even when you think you have the perfect plan, sometimes it takes a few attempts to actually pull it off. It makes sense to use the special birds in this scenario, but I always tried to do without, even though I had several free ones available.

The amount of content you get for free in this game is really impressive, and it kept me entertained for hours. Since you are given a star rating, you have the incentive to go back and try and improve your rating (or score). I found the scoring system hard to understand though; sometimes I cleared the stage and got significantly fewer points than when I cleared it using two or three birds.

I often find mobile games to be too primitive to be fun, or they often hound you with adverts and micro-transactions. However, Angry Birds in Space is a well-made and fun game with optional content if you want it.