Shiny but lacks substance.

User Rating: 3.6 | Ancient Wars: Sparta PC
I started the game open minded and got a semi-disappointing letdown. The campaigns are a nice way to play but as soon as I tested the multiplayer I was saddened by it all.

To start with, the game is slow to begin and the economics in it are horrifying. A medium unit armed with a sword and a shield costs as much as a heavy battleship? That's just not right. You'll never have a grand army in it unless you get the weapons for free or cheat. I depleted the starting goldmine before I even had 20 decent soldiers(that died easily one by one against the numerous enemy units), and yet the AI could easily poop out more naval warfare than I could count and even send endless hordes of soldiers armed to the teeth.

I would've liked to see a map maker but no dice there as well, so you have to make due with the multiplayer maps but those are mediocre at best. To be honest, I don't think the game would be worth buying from the bargain bin or second hand.

The sounds are not good, the voices of the characters in the cut-scenes are horrible and the music is over-rated. As long as there's something happening on the mini-map, a sudden battle music starts and disorients you. Now to the good parts, the gameplay is 'okay' seeing as the ship "bumper-cars" like combat can be fun to a point and watching the units fight is not disappointing, it's acquiring them that's the hard part and they're too expensive.

The graphics are very good and the units are nicely animated and enjoyable.

Overall, don't buy this game. If you do buy it, give it to a person you hate.