Ancient Wars: Sparta Cheats For PC

  1. Enable Cheat Console

    To enable the console system first you have to go to where the game is installed on your pc. There will be a file called Local. Open it with and add the following lines:

    g_cheats 1
    gui_enable_menu_shortcuts 1
    d_console 1

    This enables the console system. When you start up the game press [~] and type any of the following cheats.

    Effect Effect
    giveme_food Gives Food
    giveme_gold Gives Gold
    giveme_all Gives Gold, Wood, Food
    ch_add_item_to_curr_player Gives Items
    giveme_wood Gives Wood
    ch_fast_produce 1 Instant Build Troops
    ch_starvation_disable 1 No Starvation
    r_fog_of_war 0 Remove Fog of War
    ch_all_missions_available 1 Unlock All Missions

    Contributed by: tristanswinter