A modern hero tries to defeat an "Ancient Evil"!!!

User Rating: 7.3 | Ancient Evil PC
"Ancient Evil" is a hack and slash role-playing game. It is in the same flavor as Diablo just not nearly as good. It has an okay story, good graphics and is a mostly fun romp. In "Ancient Evil" you can choose between playing a warrior, ranger, spellcaster or thief. In the game you have taken the challenge to explore the Crypt of the Ancients. In centuries past this crypt has been the ultimate test for many adventurers. Originally the crypt was a resting place for the ancient gods that created the world. Later, about 400 years before, a great mage named Alaric turned the crypt into a warrior proving ground. Alaric offered 10,000 gold pieces to the adventurer who could explore the crypt and live to tell the tale. Thousands had tried and died. Only one hero, called Jetraal the Heroic, was able to succeed. Later he perished under mysterious circumstances. As you fight your way through the levels of the crypt, you will find books about the structure and the creatures that dwell within. You will also meet the ghost of Jetraal, and you will soon discover that an evil plot is being planned in the crypt. Through these devices in the game you will soon learn what the said plot is and try to stop it while surviving the horrors within. "Ancient Evil" is shown in a 3D isometric view, which is nice to look at most of the time. There are a lot of different creatures in the game and your character will change appearance when you alter his weapon or armor. This was a nice touch and kept the main character from looking stale. The graphics never got boring but they weren't spectacular either. To be fair they were just good enough to get the job done. The sound in the game is adequate as well but, once again, nothing groundbreaking. It is very simple to play this game as it takes just a few minutes to create your character, and the controls are pretty responsive. The only minor drawback I could find is that it sometimes can be difficult to navigate your character through narrow environments. "Ancient Evil" won't make your jaw drop and marvel at something you haven't seen before. Then again the story, sounds and graphics won't turn you away either. For a very average product the game does manage to carve itself a nice place in the genre.