It Is A Fun Game

User Rating: 8 | Anarchy Online PC
It Is A Good And A Fun Game Anarchy Online® is a Classic Sci-Fi Online Role-Playing game Play Time/Re-playability Infinite Be Cos It Is Massively Multiplayer Online Game aka. MMO

It Is Good Game to Play As A Solo Or As A Team This is what I like in MMORPGs

I Know It Is Not Like...... ---{ World of WarCraft® Or Star Craft® Or EVE Online® Or Star Wars Galaxies® Or HomeWorld® Or Ultima Online® Or Deus Ex® Or Diabld® Or APB® Or A Final Fantasy® }---

I Have Seeing Reviewer's On A Ton Of Game Like This So I Can Try To Help You All Try A Game The Can Be A Fun To Play And A Good Way To Spend Time Playing A Good MMO So Try It And See If You Like It

But If You Can Get Time To Play It 1 Time You May Like It But If Not You Can Still Have Fun I May See You In Game :)