It's a great game I must say. I have been playing this game for a four years now and I'm still interested to play more.

User Rating: 8.5 | Anarchy Online PC
The only thing what makes this game hard is the skill system where you spend your "improvement points". But you can find help for that from the Internet. The game has 4 breeds to choose and 14 professions and each profession has unique nano-programs.12 of the professions are free. My favourite profession is engineer because they can do powerful robots to help in fight. Graphics are little outdated but the developers are working new graphics for the game. The game has monthly subscription but you can play the game free with limitations but there is still lots of things to do and you can play even the first expansion set called Notum Wars and have your own house apartment and buy furniture to there. I bought this game for 1 euro from supermarket and this has been really worth it. You can download the game for free from their Internet site.