Anarchy online has fantastic gameplay and customazation, but some flaws prevent it from reaching its potential.

User Rating: 8 | Anarchy Online PC
Anarchy online was made seven years ago now, but thats no excuse for funcom having rarely updated the graphics and still leaving a great game littered with bugs.

The game features 4 species and 14 professions as well as a few different options for appearence. when the game first loads, you may see the graphics, sigh, and want to head for the unistall button, but if you can get used to the game, youll find an addicting and fun expierience.

The game is non linear, most of the quests you do wont link toghether, and the plot... well tell me if you find one that isnt just a shallow set up for the game. if you tough it out you can enjoy anarchy online. dont waste money on expansions until youre sure you want to keep playing the game, and most of the "paid points rewards" arent worth spending cash for.

A graphics update has been promised this year, but with funcoms reliability, dont get your hopes up, and hope it doesnt bring more lag to the game, which already has plenty.