Best MMORPG Ever!!! Been playing for Years and not bored!!! ZOMG =^_^=

User Rating: 10 | Anarchy Online PC
I have played Anarchy Online since 2006. Now that I have two 220's and still find myself logging in to game. I think it is the right time to say "I AM ADDICTED"!!!! Anarchy Online is not the type of game for the casual gamer. AO is more for the hardcore gamer that can spends months/years building up a toon. AO might not have the best of graphics but I have to say it has a great social circle.
To me a MMOPG has to offer great people to truly enjoy it.

Another thing I love about AO is, it's the type of game that you can't beat in 6 months. Well I am sure you can if you have no Real life LOL. With Alien lvls, LE research along with the regular lvls. You have plenty of ways to improve your toon not including gear =^_^=.

AO is great for PVP and PVM!!!! =^_^=
(AO has some thing for everyone!)

I almost forgot to mention!!!
There is not only a ton of junk gear & uber gear
but there is so many profession to choose from!!!
Solja- Pew Pew
Agent- ZOMG !!!! I can Aim shot
Engi- HA HA your a engi
NT- AOE Spammer :P
Advy- AO love Child
Crat- XP stick
Shade- EMO DD
Enf- Tank
Keeper- I am ubers!
MA- Look at me ! Look at me!
MP- Don't roll one unless you like to give buffs :P
Trader- Haha I am rich and I drain jo0

:P :P It might take you a little bit to figure out the
right profession for you :) But I am 100% sure there is one for you!

So if your sick of your fairy tale WOW and you are prepared for some meh graphics with a great challenge and amazing people try
Anarchy Online. You can even try it for FREE~! AO still offers the amazing froob service =)