An okay mmo, but there are better games to play.

User Rating: 5 | Anarchy Online PC
Anarchy online takes place in the future were you are sent down to a new planet to live on. You get to pick between a few races and a bunch of character classes. After that you are dropped on a strange planet.

The game starts off a bit rough, because the controls are not that simple.
The controls in Anarchy online take some time to get use to. But after awhile, you will get use to the controls. There are also some big problems in this game like controls and attacking an enemy.

The graphics are okay in this game. Some of the monsters look cool, but some of the character models look okay. The environments do not look bad.

The sound is okay. and the music is cool. The weapon sound is a bit weird.

Over al this may be a game that you skip, our you can try. It is free, and you can get it off this web site right now.