All in all, a pretty good expansion.

User Rating: 8 | Anarchy Online: Shadowlands PC
Shadowlands did add a lot of content to the game. But once again the shaky code writing made it more of a hassle than enjoyable. I pre-ordered to get the nifty penthouse, and that was actually worth it. Although the in game housing is a bit more weak than some MMOs, I still found it to be well done. The new zones initially had a lot of lag. The new missions and quests were pretty interesting. The uber-armor quests were good. All in all I think it was a successful expansion, but I couldn't help but feel that AO was trying to satisfy the fantasy players more then the sci-fi buffs. The new nanos were a little repetitious, just basically higher levels of already existing nanos. The new classes once again catered to the fantasy genre more than the sci-fi. AO was the first game that I was actually inspired to take screenshots. And Shadowlands certainly provided a lot of photo opportunities.